Travel to Africa: this was by far one of the best things I ever did during my travels as I occasionally travel to Africa to explore. It’s usually meant for visiting family and friends and I finally decided to learn more about the beauty of my continent! You can find more details under the category page; Travel. I first explored the beautiful and green country Uganda.

I have a few trips coming up soon and I’ll be heading to India in few months and I’ll be honest with you, this is one trip I’ve been putting off as I’ve been a bit sceptical with regards to where I should go and what to do when I get there. I’m trying to get away from the norm, going to the temple, meditating and so forth and yes I’m fully aware that this should somehow be part of the plan but my focus is more on the guy in the street. There’s so much creativity and colour surrounding us and I believe I’ll find more interesting stories on the streets, nothing rehearsed or edited and this leads me to share another thing with you.

Africa! Oh yes, many of you have been sending me emails and asking why I haven’t done a feature on African fashion and the arts and I had initially decided to stay away from that a bit because I didn’t want yet another story based on our history and let’s just be honest, you’ve had too many of those. With all this said I decided to do a piece on Africa and the aesthetics in Africa; literary arts, music, fashion and focus on finding inspiration through my history and culture in order to combine it with what I’m currently exposed to in the Middle East and worldwide. I’ll be heading to a special place in Uganda and this is where the African journey will begin. I’ve visited many places in Africa and I knew that I wasn’t ready at that time to write about this special continent. I didn’t want to write about sad stories and discrimination, I’m fully aware that I should and I will but I need to find the right angle. It’ll also be more interesting to write stories based on what people go through, what they foresee in the future and how they’re planning to get there. I’m looking for the movers and shakers in the creative industry, people that are using their obstacles to create wealth and contribute towards the economy.

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