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I’m sutting with Michael Cinco and Sayed Ali in their studio on Sheik Zayed in Dubai.

An inside into an exclusive interview with Sayed Ali Managing Partner at Michael Cinco Dubai. Let’s get into the details about this renowned fashion house. The focus this time is on how one manages a fashion house this big, what builds this type of home and what makes them stand out.

Since Dubai is a cosmopolitan place, I have to ask where you’re from? I’m from Egypt.

How did it all start? Tell me about your partnership with Michael. When Michael and I met in 2002, I realised that there was a huge business opportunity to bring a creative person and business person together. Michael is very talented and smart and we both decided to take that opportunity to work together.

What does it take to manage a fashion house, especially a successful haute couture fashion brand? A good manager has to know everything. I pay attention on the smallest details in the company to the bigger issues we may face. I also have to know every employee on a personal level. Michael Cinco is not just a business but a family and this is why we all work very well together.

Tell me about your biggest clientele: Moscow is holding our biggest clientele. I love Russians because they are very happy and easy. They have talent and an understanding of their needs in fashion.

What about the media’s impact on your brand in the Middle East? I think the media needs to be more involved in fashion. It’s sad that most of the time after the fashion shows no one does a followup on the designers. People attend fashion shows but not a lot of interviews are conducted with the designers a week later but when we showcase in other countries the media seems more involved.

Can you tell us more about Michael as a fashion designer: I believe in Michael because he is honest and kind and his personality makes him a great designer.He has more passion for how people see the bride and this makes him stand out. He is very passionate about his work and if he designs a garment and it doesn’t come out perfectly, he will overdo the whole thing until it’s perfect. He does not pay attention to money but he is more focused on how our clients feel. He wants our clients to be happy.

What about your values on money? Everyone has a dream, money is money but it will not buy you love. This is what I truly believe. Anything worth money can be thrown away but happiness is more important.

Who’s the one fashion designer you respect except for Michael? Giorgio Armani

What’s your vision for the brand? I want us to have shoe and bag line in the future. This is what I want for this brand. We are soon launching a perfume line and we’ll be focusing on bigger projects later.

Sayed, it was pleasure meeting you, you’ve been kind. Thanks again for your time and we wish you all the success.

It was a pleasure meeting you too.

We got a chance to walk around the studio to take a look at all the creativity around. We also managed to distract Michael at work. What a pleasant team, this is more of a family indeed.

We also tested the perfume launching soon and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. I’m still drawn to the scent and it’s funny I can’t even describe it…….

You can find out more about Michael Cinco on

Instagram: @michael5inco and @sayed5inco


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