Chocolate in Belgium: 

There’s so much I want to share with you guys about my trip to Brussels but a lady doesn’t always reveal everything so I’ll get into the sweeter details about the pleasures of eating chocolate and a special interview I had with the TV crew at Chocoholic. I must admit that I’ve never really been a chocolate person but after tasting so many mouth watering assorted chocolates I’ve been enjoying these little dark devils for a week! These treats just melted in my mouth and I think any chocolate lover would agree that Belgians know more about the sweet tooth, from the waffles to ice cream on the street; you’re bount to fall in love with this place.

The people are genuinely friendly, it was the atmosphere that captured my heart.


I met this incredible man in his Chocoholic store and he was willing to feed me these sweet babies all day! He taught me all about chocolate and explained so many things to me about the taste and different preferences during my interview. It was a real pleasure meeting these amazing people and I can’t wait to go back for more treats.

ROME: Historical Details 

Don’t you just love travelling and rediscovering history on your own? The moment when you get to experience what you’ve seen on TV or read about and get to feel how tangible it is. My lovelies, this is Rome and it has a historical story from any corner. I really love visiting this city because there’re so many things to do, and the fact that the Italians are genuinely friendly makes one want to come back for more. Need I say more about the food, wine and yes some gelato! You’ll manage to maintain all that weight after you walk around the city……  Lima


I’ve been having sugar cravings of late and since I’ve been binging from the salty snacks to sugary ones, I decided to start blogging about what I eat so the new lifestyle page won’t be about dieting but it’ll be based on some of the places I travel to, food, restaurants, and so forth. Today my first post is on these delicious looking cupcakes.

I’m quite excited about this new page and I hope you’ll like it…… Lima


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