Career Choice….. A Way Forward, Dubai

Career choice, or is it? I like calling it passion, and that’s if you love your job, what you wake up to every morning. What we are meant to do, who we are meant to be, who can we truly become, develops into all that we are passionate about.
I’ve learned that all that you do and become is a direct derivative of what’s going on in your mind. It goes with the effort we put in, what we visualise, how we feel about ourselves and things around us becomes a result of who we are, in a way we groom ourselves accordingly.

It was around this time last year when I could’t write about fashion and lifestyle anymore; my fire was slowly dying and I was torn between who I wanted to be and who I was meant to be. Am I the street style fashionista that paints the town red or am I the creative mind that can do more with my thoughts, stories? I had endless questions about what I was truly meant to do, how I wanted my writing to connect with other writers, how I wanted my mind to connect with other creative minds around the world, to be all that I was meant to be and more.

When Thoughts Take Over

The question has always been, which way to go, which ride to take and is it safer to take this route! But how safe can we really feel before we live to the fullest? Is it ever safe to work on your craft? Is success aligned with risks? Isn’t this why they say, take calculated risks!
There is a global issue about the types of jobs we do because most people work so that they can put some bread and butter on the table, we do it because we are supposed to do it, we do it because we want better and more comfortable lifestyles, it’s our responsibility to work because that’s life, society expects us to do it so we do it. Most people avoid the misconception of becoming the struggling artist, so we carry on but how many of us are happy? Are our jobs supposed to make us happy? Wouldn’t we be more creative, happier and productive if we were more passionate about what we did?
I often hear most people blatantly mention how much they hate their jobs, their superiors, their clients or better yet their colleagues but these are people we connect with on a daily basis. So how do we solve these issues? I ask this because most people will advice you to work for yourself but business as it is becomes another challenge on its own. To get to the top will take a much stronger employee to make it as a successful business owner.

Could the answer be; do what you do with all your heart, tenacity, passion and commitment then you shall see the results……. I hope these three work or rather they can help to elevate you to the next level.

The steps you take towards success lies in the shoes you choose to wear……
Let’s keep in mind, success is defined by each person according to their goals….



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