Travel Diary….. Fujairah UAE

As I was busy editing and selecting the photos to post on this article, I starting thinking about a man…….

Travel Fujairah UAE
Travel Fujairah UAE

Yes, I did! A man to travel with. You see I have a vision for a man that can multitask like a woman, isn’t this the type of man we all dream of? One that can read the paper, reply to emails and text messages while listening to you and somehow still manage to brush your hair at the same time?
You probably wonder why I decided to write about a man on this article!

I realised how easy it would be to manage a business and a be a sort of sweet woman at the same time if only the ‘man” would be by my side as I travel around the world and in this way I won’t have to use the video chats that always cut us off or leave us hanging for minutes to try again.
I’d love for him to multitask like a woman….. Have photography skills to capture my beauty and the beauty around the world, manage his own business and work related issues, be the type of man that feeds me ice-cream, climbs mountains, skis, bungee jumps, pulls off a killer look in a suit, plays like a kid and still manages to push me harder at work.

Street Style Dubai
Street Style Dubai

Am I dreaming or this is currently happening somewhere around the world?

Travel Diary
Travel Diary

Wouldn’t it be great for him to read my articles and give me a critic inside on my prose?

This is a travel article from Fujairah in the UAE just two hours drive from Dubai. The road trip is definitely one worth the drive, you’ll be surrounded by the Arabian deserts and beautiful mountains along the way.

Be the lover, the photographer, the critic, the business mogul, the jungle Tarzan, the king of the castle, be the man!

There’s more to come….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tega Enai says:

    Exactly the kind of man I need in my life. Stunning photos.

    href=””>Tega Enai Blog


    1. Lima says:

      Girl, if only they could multitask!

      Thanks hon xx

      Liked by 1 person

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