Dubai Nightlife……

I hardly ever write about the nightlife in Dubai because it’s hectically crazy and fun, the sort of life that urges one to change their lives the following day and only to go back and do it all over again! In this case I’ll do the honours since it’s a Thursday and we all know what goes on in Dubai on Thursday nights; the go go go crazies for the weekend go crazy!

Dubai Night
Dubai Night

Thursday is your usual Friday and in Dubai; the nightlife starts the popping of bottles until early Sunday morning but then it doesn’t end there because there’s always something happening on Sunday night after work, then we move onto Monday that will result into some other event in the clubs then Tuesday comes with ladies night and just when you think it’s over Wednesdays are celebrated! What follows next? You’re back to Thursday night and the weekend starts again!

As you can see, there’re no night offs in Dubai and in this case you’ll have to decide that for yourself.
Not forgetting your weekly expenses, the champagne life in Dubai is not about to end now and I know some of you will probably hate me for this but if you can throw it out there, be glad to do it and if not, you know what to do. Live beyond your means….

You’ll be glad to know that you can wear whatever you prefer to your nightingales in Dubai, as long as it’s socially acceptable there’s no fuss so be you!
They say look hot! I’ve yet to figure that one out. I usually say I wanna look slutty tonight and later on when I meet my buddies they tell me I look hot, and on the night I decide to look simple I get told I look sexy! See my predicament?

We worked on this project a few weeks back while the weather was still accommodating to my winter favourites thus the oversized cardigans and stalkings.

Shoes by @zeazama on Instagram
Photography by @enitan.o on Instagram
Fashion Styling by @LimaBrown_ on Instagram

Much Love Lima……


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