Sweaters into Spring….. Dubai

I’m Springing into Spring with light stylish sweaters and shimmer dresses because I’m still hung up on the Fall Season:

Dubai Fashion Bloggers
Dubai Fashion Bloggers

Considering that my so called fall season was spent in Dubai with the on and off winter chills, I never got a chance to pull off a long heavy winter coat let alone some booties; not that a bootie kinda girl but I must admit that this season’s winter has lasted for a bit while longer.
In a way it’s been good because my style hasn’t been too vexing with unnecessary expenses just to keep up with the new season.

What to Wear in Dubai
What to Wear in Dubai

Most travellers always wonder what to wear in Dubai considering certain rules and so forth; and girls you can take my word for it. It’s quite easy so no need to give yourselves a headache. Dubai is a cosmopolitan place so you can keep things simple for yourselves by being considerate to others but also remaining true to yourselves.
There’re a lot of creative and stylish people in Dubai and you can visit other sites to see how people generally dress in Dubai.

Here’re some street style details on this outfit that I selected.

Details :
Shoe collection by @ZeaZama on Instagram
Photography by @Eniton.o on Instagram
Outfit styled by Lima Brown

Much love…. Lima


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