Career Profiles….. Oritsemeyiwa Tonwe of EPLS

When I first met Meyi, I was attending a social event she had organized and I immediately liked her because of the way she looked and our energies drew us much closer as time went by. We soon became good friends and I am so proud to be working on her biggest project; a business venture in the beauty industry that is now a dream come true. I have known Meyi for three years who is well known as Prisca in the Dubai social circle and she has always been the inspirational force one needs to have in their lives. She has always been inspiring in that she is the type of dreamer faithfully believing in God. From entertaining many at her social events at the Kiza Lounge in Dubai, this beauty still focused on the dream ahead and managed to focus on opening a beauty and lifestyle salon this year.
With years of planning and implementing the project at hand. Handwork and dedication was required and now the time has finally arrived for Meyi to launch her brand in the Middle East and without further due, let’s find out more about what this beauty has been up to:

African Business Women in Dubai
African Business Women in Dubai

L: You work in the entertainment industry so I should ask, why the beauty industry:

M: Beauty is everything, it’s my passion and this is why I try and help people feel good about themselves. I get complimented a lot about the way I look and I thought it would be great for me to share my ideas and secrets with people. It’s from the way one smells, the way they look to the way they carry themselves.

L: So the saying is true that passion pays?

M: Beauty has been my passion ever since I was young, as far as I can remember when I was in school I was made a head girl and part of it was because I was always neat, my uniform, stockings, and hair were always intact.
Passion does pay at the end of the day, when u do something u have passion for it’s fun and exciting to u and no matter what happens you will continue striving towards the dream until it gets to the greener pastures.

L: What’s the philosophy of your brand? let’s talk about Exclusive Point Ladies Salon.

M: EPLS is not just a brand it’s a feeling, it goes beyond the Logo. It’s about how our clients feel from when they enter the door to when they are seated and to when they exit.
There’re a lot of things we pay attention to and we do our best to ensure that our clients are satisfied and look forward to coming back to us. We are a family and all we want is for our clients to feel at home.

Hair Styles
Hair Styles

L: What inspired you to start your business?

M: I was inspired by people and my life experiences.

L: How long did it take you to establish your business?

M: It took me about 6months but it was a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and endless prayers.

L: Is it easy for African women in Dubai to succeed in business and what are some of the pros and cons of being based in the Middle East?

M: I know one thing that happens to be a fact; in Life no dream is really easy to achieve, as the saying goes good things take time to happen but they always happen at the end of the day if u work hard enough and have God by your side. I have seen a lot of successful Africa woman in Dubai and part of that inspired me to establish my own business. Being in the Middle East and in a line of business like mine puts us at an advantage because it’s a tourist country, people come in and out daily and women generally love to look good world wide. The disadvantage would be if you are not able to connect with prospective clients or you are not well equipped for your business.

L: Dubai is a cosmopolitan place and keeping this in mind, I’m curious as to whether you only cater to the African market.

M: EPLS Caters to everyone and not just the African market, we have different staff to meet everyone’s need.

L: What are some of the services you pride yourselves in?

M: Braids, Hair Extensions, Nails, Massage, Spa,

L: Are you concerned about your competitors in Dubai?

M: Not at all because we offer a great level of services and our staff are well trained and practice the company’s work ethics and this is why each member of our team is good at what they do.

L: You’re based between Dubai and Sharjah, does this come at an advantage to your business?

M: It does, say for instance someone that lives in Sharjah will have to drive all the way to Deira to get their hair done, buy hair products, do their nails and get massages. It becomes really frustrating, but EPLS is now bringing these services to people around these areas.

L: Has it always been your dream to start a beauty salon focusing on lifestyle? As we know a few years back all we could think of was getting our hair and nails done from African salons but you also provide more of the spa services; massages etc

M: The whole idea came to me 4years ago, it all started with people commenting on my hair, nails, how I look on a particular day so one day I said to myself Oritsemeyiwa why don’t u open a personal care centre, and because I love everything about beauty let me share it with people and with the stress of going all the way to Deira whenever I have to get my beauty routine done drives me crazy and I could just imagine others too so i wrote it down in my dairy that I would open a personal care centre in Dubai. I started doing my research and I found out it cost a lot of money and I kept saying to myself I needed to work harder. I prayed about it and today it’s happening and my dream is coming true, Glory be to God.

L: Do you plan on spreading around the UAE? Do you plan on opening up around the Marina area, Jumeirah and other areas that do not necessarily cater for the African market?

M: Most definitely and we are looking at providing services for the males in Dubai because it has been quite disappointing to them that we currently only catering to the ladies.

L: What’s next?

M: There are no limits to this venture and in time we will be spreading around the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

L: It’s been a pleasure talking to you, I wish you all the best in your business and I know you’re going to succeed. You have been such an inspiration to me and others around you who have seen you grow with time.


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