Dubai Street Style; All About Nudes

New Year New Look
New Year New Look

I’m quite surprised and somewhat reprimanding myself that this is my first article of 2016, considering that we are already on the 3rd week of January. My year started on a high as always and I sincerely hope yours has been the same. Now before I get all mellow dramatic on you, let’s move on the topic of the day, well in a way, the topic that has been on everyone’s lips in the creative industry; NUDES, neutrals; in high fashion and so the list goes on to nude makeup in the beauty industry!

Neutral Style
Neutral Style

Less is more; yes the saying never gets old and so the same goes for neutral colours that always seem to blend in with any look. I’ve always loved nudes for fall fashion because nothing till this day beats the neutral winter coat. The neutrals always maintain the sort of classical elegance on the high fashion streets and this is what makes this colour the fashion winner. I’m quite sure I don’t need to mention how important it is to have at least one neutral pair of killer heels because you can never go wrong with those babies! Whenever in doubt, the nude heel will create a balance.

I have a feeling the neutral style will continue trending throughout the new year as it gracefully reined among stylists, bloggers, print editorials, television shows to fashion admires throughout the year. Let’s have yet another dapper and elegant fashionable year xx

Dubai Blogger Lima Brown
Dubai Blogger Lima Brown

“The neutrals always maintain the sort of classical elegance on the high fashion streets”


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