Best Exclusive Restaurants; What to Eat in Johannesburg

Restaurant Decor
Restaurant Decor

Sooo, I finally decided to include the eat out category on the blog under lifestyle. I’ve developed an interest in lifestyle and travel lately because I was looking at myself and thinking of opting for the healthier lifestyle, it’s not the pressure that comes with age but I’m well aware of one thing, gravity does not favour anyone and if you have intentions of slowing things down then you ought to play by the rules. At first I was sceptical about taking pictures of my food just before digging in especially when I’m surrounded by people but it seems it’s awkwardly trending and acceptable that mobile phone cameras just join in at our diner tables!

What to Eat
What to Eat

As you can see, I decided to focus the beginning of this project in South Africa and one thing comes to mind; South Africans love their food shamelessly to an extend of bragging about how delicious and homegrown the ingredients are. You’ll have to admit, the food is always mouthwatering. The only thing is that has always been a bit of an issue for me is the consumption of too much red meat and my brother has constantly said there’s no such thing as too much meat and according to him, a plate with no meat is not a meal!
Knowing that not everyone will force-feed themselves a piece of steak or beef, I always find other delicious options that are much healthier to go for. Don’t get me wrong I love your usual beef stews and grilled steaks but every now and then I choose to have a delicious salmon steak or poultry options for the sake of being healthy!


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