Fashion and Horses….. Uganda

African Street Style
African Street Style

Little girls, big dreams! Have you ever had a feeling that when you were younger your dreams were much bigger than how they look lately? It was as if there was time put aside especially of day dreams and right now there isn’t even time to reflect on last night’s dinner! In all fairness what I’m trying to say is that life is moving too fast as you grow and there’s no time for fantasies anymore but getting things done.

Horse Riding in Uganda
Horse Riding in Uganda

I always dreamed of owning horses and having the pleasure of living in the country and riding my horses whenever I wanted to, realistically it’s not happening for now but there’s no harm in spending time with the natural breed whenever time suits me.

I tried to take one horse out for a ride, Apple and he didn’t warm up to me at all, in fact he turned his back on me and Ben told me I had to move on! Honestly it’s like dealing with an approachable man, you try and try he looks away and you walk away girls…..

I visited Uganda a few months ago and I love how warm and loving the people of Uganda are, needless to say quite humbled. I spent time with Ben who made time to show me around and we both had the pleasure of visiting the staples and I got acquainted with Vimto the horse that seemed somewhat relaxed with all the flashing cameras around him and this weirdly looking woman dressed up in high heels pulling him for a walk!
I stayed at the Speke Resort in Kampala and it was such an incredible experience for me.

My skirt was way too long and big for me to sit on Vimto so we decided to simply take a stroll.

Fashion meets Nature
Fashion meets Nature

Have you seen the latest trend online and in magazines about women and horses, fashion meets nature? I suppose every trend comes back almost every two seasons but this one that hadn’t been receiving much attention until three years ago; lately every page on Instagram, Pinterest and style blogs is embracing the natural breeding! A few years ago, Women and Horses was all about the sexual desires where a naked woman would embrace the animal by sitting on it and caressing it and these days the girls have decided to change the rules by suppressing the sexual connotations with animal and have instead worn couture garments and walked gracefully next to the horses.


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