Travel Diary; What to do in South Africa

Lima Brown
Lima Brown

My love for Africa seems to grow daily and it’s funny that when I was younger I was less appreciative of my continent and now that I live in the Middle East I’ve grown to love and appreciate the beauty of Africa.

Lima Brown in South Africa
Lima Brown in South Africa

As we all know, South Africa is a country with endless possibilities so I’ll avoid showing you what you already expect, the animals or the glamours hot spots, bars, clubs but a few of the strange aesthetics I spotted!

This collection of photos was taken on my second day in South Africa a few weeks ago and I was too exhausted from my travels to do much so I decided to appreciate a bit of nature in my flats. There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending quality time with myself, yes my family will always remain closer to my heart but sometimes I tend to miss myself so much that I do whatever it takes to get away from it all; work, friends and too much fun! I tend to appreciate more of the moments God gives me when I’m alone in the country with no distractions.

I’m going to post more South African features in the upcoming weeks and I hope you’ll like how beautiful my continent is.

Oh yeah, one more thing I love about South Africa is the delicious food so I’ll create a post dedicated to what to eat!


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