Travel Diary China; Flats Over Heels!

Lima Brown in China
Lima Brown in China

The first time I visited Asia I picked up one most important thing from the streets; no matter the type of job, activity, or whatever Asian women were keeping themselves with, they all seemed to have one thing in common; dress sense! I realised this when I went to visit one of the shopping markets in Bangkok in the hunt for stylish flat shoes and it was mainly the colourful leather pumps we were after. I realised that the ladies didn’t bother much about putting on high heels and there was generally a touch of the oversized shirts worn as dresses with sneakers or denim shorts with oversized cardigans and sneakers.

Asian Fashion and Style
Asian Fashion and Style

I picked up this style of dress five years ago and I also realised that the Korean, Singaporeans and Chinese women set their own similar trends. When I went to China the same year I started asking questions regarding the sort of stylish, trendy, funky yet chilled out street looks and most women told me they prefer wearing sneakers over high heels because they mostly stay on their feet throughout the day at work. They also enjoy taking long walks and riding their bicycles over taking cars in avoidance of the high traffic.

Dubai Blogger Lima Brown
Dubai Blogger Lima Brown

The way I see this style is that, comfort always comes first but it always depends on how it’s all played out and Asian woman can easily get away with this look.

‘I realised that the ladies didn’t bother much about putting on high heels”


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