Stylish in the Rain; Travel Diary

Travel Diary, China
Travel Diary, China

A gloomy rainy day is perfect for attending the opera. I happened to meet some incredible South African music group at the Garden hotel in China and since I’ve been staying here I decided to make new friends. The South African musicians are members of a large world group performing the opera in China this season and they are currently based in Guangzhou and they will soon be moving to Beijing for their festive season performance. I got acquitted with now a dear friend Sebastian and he has been incredible to push me harder during my work projects.

This wasn’t a typical cheerful morning and I had to do this photoshoot in the rain, I wanted to stay in bed and stuff my face with warm food all day and my photographer told me to suck it up and enjoy the rain because the pictures weren’t good enough, “a bit of a smile Lima” they say try try again until you get what you want, I don’t need to tell you how long it took for us to get the look he approved of but he finally said ‘you’re almost there”
I hope you’ll enjoy this post as it represents the strength of a woman. They say in the mist of adversity that’s when you have to remain grounded and go through the storm, remain calm. Of course this photoshoot wasn’t as bad as I make it out to be but I’m now thinking about the obstacles we each go through daily.
I’m glad I have people in my life that continue to push me even when I don’t feel like getting the job done, it’s always great to associate yourself with people who are focused on achieving higher goals.

I’m wearing a Valentino skirt with a sequinned BCBG top. This is a great outfit to wear to the opera if you’re the type of woman that sets her own trends and prefer not to wear an evening gown. I selected this outfit as a representation for the female form, while keeping in mind that we are all different.


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