Zaroon by Zareen at Fashion Forward Season6, Dubai


The show by Zareen at Fashion Forward a few days ago was one to come home and discuss with your girls. Better yet, it was more enjoyable with female admires of the ’50s and ’60s. I attended the show with a few lifestyle and fashion bloggers based in Dubai and we couldn’t get enough of how exciting the whole show was. It was as if we had all been waiting for a fashion designer who was nostalgic and brave enough and create a ’60s collection for the fun girls in us.

Zareen is a UAE based fashion designer and I was so impressed when I found that it was her first time her Ready-to-Wear Collection at Fashion Forward. This is such a great collection, full of stylish accessories and as someone that loves outstanding accessory pieces i was well taken by the runway models in trendy white high heels and sunglasses.
The music went quite well with theme since we were listing to “Be My Baby by The Ronettes, Baby Love by The Supremes” my all time favourite music jams, music you can actually sing along to!

I shot some of the looks on this collection and the others are a courtesy of Getty Images.


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