Friday Brunch at Saffron Atlantis Hotel, Dubai



I wore this little number over the weekend to attend a friend’s gathering at one of the most exclusive Dubai Friday brunches at Saffron Atlantis Hotel.

Now as I’ve said before, going for brunch in Dubai on a Friday isn’t a typical day of sitting down elegantly and enjoying your breakfast slash lunch type of food. It’s more about having a crazy time with friends, munching on a selection of food, gallons and gallons of any alcoholic brand you can imagine, interacting with strangers! The problem is always forgetting the people you interacted with!

One would prefer to wear sneakers with shorts but at this one place, Friday brunch at Saffron is more like meeting up for dinner then heading to the club and yes we love it! The madness, the dressing up, drinks, food that lasts for hours of the afternoon into midnight.

Here are few pictures I took with the girls.


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  1. kelseyjanne says:

    Love how you’ve got orange pumps for a splash of colour! You guys look fabulous 🙂 Btw! I enjoy viewing your blog! Maybe you might like mine at

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    1. Lima says:

      Thanks him, definitely gonna visit your site


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