Simplicity in Fashion….. Dubai

Some say simplicity never fails, simplicity speaks a million words and others say simplicity is just plain dull, boring to be precise. I used to think the same way that being simple was just boring until I grew up to realise that too much of all the fancy things sometimes create a mess. There’s nothing worse than a tacky look; so as the saying goes, simplicity works. I must admit that I love colour, shades of colours speak to me and they say a lot about how I feel so you’ll wonder how challenging it must be for a colourful girl like me to find a balance! It’s simple, I use accessories or sometimes just a different tone of lipstick to create a balance. Here’s a look I created that’s meant to be simple yet playful with sorbets shades. Since culottes speak a million words in fashion I decided to keep this look simple.



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