Sneakers with Skirts; Dubai Streetstyle


Honestly, who doesn’t like the comfort of sneakers?! Some may say sneakers aren’t glamorous enough or better yet, an acquaintance of mine says they’re tacky! I think it all depends on how you rock your sneakers. Since the trending sneakers with dresses and skirts came to play; style and comfort have been brought together. I remember seeing a lot of fashion editors, models and bloggers during fashion weeks walking the streets in couture garments and sneakers and I knew that this is one look that would continue and remain trending for a while. It’s always difficult to predict the future of fashion, there’re so many creative influencers in the industry; to name one Karl Lagerfeld showcased sneakers at a Chanel fashion show in Paris and most of us soon followed the trendious look of sneakers. It’s funny that most women used to wear sneakers and dresses but preferred that to be their relaxed day to run errands and now we’re attending events wearing sneakers and dresses. We used to carry high heels in our bags and walked with sneakers and these days we can leave our high heels behind without worrying about how less stylish we’ll look.

I hope you’ll like my sneakers style with an embellished skirt and a fringe top.


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