Hair Issue: Finding Your Look


Thousands of articles about beauty get published on a daily basis focusing on beauty, what to eat how to eat what products to buy what’s in what’s out what works what doesn’t work and let’s not forget having to compare all of those products, what haircut works for what face shape long hair short hair no hair and so forth we continue to experiment with the ins and outs but we somehow always go back to what we believe works for us as individuals. The moment you find the haircut that only you know that no matter how bad the hair day you’re having it will still make you look likeable, you know you’ve found your look.

I have worn this hairstyle since I was a teenager, I’ve neglected the look many times and gone back to it. What I love about my wavy short haircut is how easy it is to maintain.

Here’s a closer look at my hair:


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  1. RachelW says:

    Great post! Love your blog 🙂



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