Artsy Style

I’m wearing a yellow dress for my artsy street style. I wanted to wear a black dress so my collection wouldn’t make me look like a Christmas tree but that’s another story on it’s own so this colour happened to be the next available garment since I was surrounded by so my artsy creativity. I only realised the shoot that my print shoes and brooch matched the painted walls and almost everything on the street. This takes me to the questions I ask often ask myself when I have these encounters, what is art and how can it be simply defined, can we find art in everything and can anyone be an artist in their own right or maybe instead of asking myself I should focus my questions on people who are claimed to be artists. It seems to be a huge industry and not much only the people who paint or sketch on a canvas to create their work but it exists in music, fashion, editorials and so forth.

I guess I have a new project in the pipeline, line up interviews with as many different artists as possible.

A Happy Sunday to You All….


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