Black & White Style

A little black&white always seems to be tricky for me to just let it be. I always end up throwing in a bit of colour to my black and white outfits. I honestly contemplated not to throw in any other colour before I put this outfit on but I somehow didn’t like the black shoes I was supposed to wear so I thought, maybe white shoes will do but how often do we find ourselves wearing white high heels and loving them? Like a friend of mine always says, if all fails go for the neutral. I then decided on the not so loud neutral heels and then there was a bit of an issue with the handbag, see sometimes I wish I could live the house holding only my mobile phone and leave everything else behind but then again, how would I function without the organised mess in my handbag?! So I played it safe with a natural coloured handbag, so my darlings, this is as far as I can go with Black&White, I need a hint of colour! Pretend you can’t see the pink neckpiece accessorising my oversized shirt…..



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