Just Falafel: Love At First Bite

Love at first bite is exactly what it is. The first bite is always the one that determines the goodness of what we eat. JF Street is on a global mission to humbly “redefine street food”. I agree with their promise to deliver authentic street food with the goodness of old-world flavours. My first bite went along with this promise. The mouthwatering taste between a shawarma and hamburger is what distinguishes JF Street Food from the rest. It’s the real flavours of the Mediterranean that makes the Shawurger so delicious. It’s the hybrid between the two much loved classic sandwiches, the relationship between the East and West.

JF Street Food is the Middle East’s homegrown fast casual restaurant established in 2007 and currently spreading globally so most of you may already know about them and if not you’ll soon get to have a taste of their mouthwatering flavours. The taste of JF Street food lyes in their ingredients. I love eating a lot but I’m quite particular about what I eat. I love eating clean! Yes the word is healthy, in this way I can eat as many times as I want…..

JF Street Food is offering something new for all you food lovers. I tried the Chicken Shawurger that’s served in a soft potato bun, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, French fries and a garlic mayo sauce and this is what redefined my love at first bite. I hope you’ll enjoy yourselves.

For more information please visit http://www.justfalafel.com or http://www.facebook.com/justfalafel.

Much Love



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