Amato Haute Couture Fashion Forward Dubai

If you didn’t know that Art is instilled deeply in each and everyone of us, that’s because you hadn’t seen some inspiringly creative and deeply connected Fernando Barrios known as Furne One of Amato Couture reach deep within to find this so called rare space. He is highly creative and seems to be one of those very few designers every fashion lover aspires to be like.

I became speechless during his show at the Fashion Forward event in Dubai a week ago. I was melting on the inside with so much appreciation for what I saw as pure love for ones work, inspiration, innovation, aesthetically designed and conceptualised ideas.

The show was about the power a woman holds, self confidence, seduction, the effects of the full moon, how a woman blossoms and the inner understanding of oneself.

Visit to learn more about this talented Dubai based designer from the Philippines.

Much love



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