Street Style, Stepping Ahead!


Look at how I’m trying to act like a Nivea girl! I love doing street shoots because they allow me to have different looks and I can be more creative outdoors. We were working on a stepping stones idea but the rocks we have in the city seem to be very small so my idea of stepping stones did not work. I didn’t want to edit these pictures because you guys wouldn’t be able to see what we initially had in mind.

The look was about taking long strides and stepping ahead, moving ahead and climbing up. It was about forward movement and what it takes to have courage even when things don’t seem easy. In your high heels, you can step on stones and conquer your world. Fear not because everything is a stepping stone.

I’m wearing neutral tones on this look, sometimes simplicity says a lot on its own. My shoes are by Michael Kors and sunglasses by Vera Wang.

Later lovelies



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