Hair Issue

I have just recently started using Jessicurl products so my review will not be full of false promises to you but it will be based on what the products have been so far to my hair texture. First I have to let you in on a little secret, since I live in Dubai I have been hiding my kinky hair from the harsh temperatures and mainly the water that seems to seems to damage my hair frequently. When I first moved here my hair kept falling off after every wash until I decided to use protective styling, mainly wearing braids and weaving my hair.

I’m glad to share with you that I have recently found products that are very gentle to my hair especially the cleansing cream by Jessicurl that’s used as a shampoo alternative. At first I didn’t get the usual lather from the cleansing cream but if you happen to prefer too much foam you can repeat the cleansing process and your hair will be clean. The cream is mild and moisturises your hair.

I usually do hair treatments twice a month to keep my hair healthy, voluminous, and shiny. I prefer using natural products like castor oil and coconut oil overnight but since I’m a woman on the move, sometimes it becomes impossible make time for my hair treatments. I found the deep conditioning treatment to pamper my dry hair. I used it for 60minutes and I must say I was quite impressed with the texture of my hair after the treatment. You can use the treatment as a leave-in conditioner if you have thicker or drier hair.

For any healthy hair, I will say this repeately if I have to, the word is moisture, moisture, moisture and what’s better than the same old natural Shea Butter? The Too Shea extra moisturising conditioner has a combination of all the good stuff, from the natural plants and oils; burdock root, jojoba and seed oil, rosemary, aloe barbadensis leaf juice to name a few. This products is infused with most of the natural products I use for my hair remedy.

Jessicurl has plenty of products you can try for your hair texture and preferred styling. You can visit their website on for more details and tutorial videos on how to use the products.

You can also access the product information by sending an email to or call +97143219322, visit their website for more details.

I hope this information will help you with any hair issues you may currently be having or if you simply just want to go natural.

Much love



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