My Sunday Kinda Love……..


My Sunday Kinda Love….. merely because I have fallen in love with Sundays. I become more peaceful on this special day. I find more joy, laughter, love, inner beauty, worthiness. I can go on about all the things that add value to my Sundays but I have conditioned myself to being more happy on Sundays. I can conquer the world on Sundays by the power of my mind….! This is one of those Sundays where I say, nothing will put me down, I shall keep rising, stay more connected with my Higher Power, I smile more today because yesterdays sorrows and distractions are gone. I am more ambitious today than ever before because Sunday reminds me of my worth and that there is another week coming, I have been given yet another chance to become a better person. I shall step into it with positive energy, be more mindful, more loving, more giving and receive with open arms. Today I am more at peace.

I hope you are all having a blessed day.

To My Sundays


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