Street Look

It’s all about street looks, the list goes on from street chic, street fashion, street style, street talk,  and street walk. The streets are ruling the fashion world at the moment. There’s been a hype about street fashion for years and the talk is still going strong. Street fashion is about having fun, playing around with fashion ideas, mix and max-brands with no brands, it’s about breaking the rules, it’s all about your power in fashion. Street fashion is all about bringing out the fashionista in you and staying true to yourself…….

I had a lot of fun doing this shoot because I was allowed to be true to myself. It wasn’t about the specific idea or look but about how I felt and what I wanted the looks to say about me, needless to say that every picture that was taken was beautiful but I had to downsize to these three.

Tell me what you think, what do these looks say about me?




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