The Cape Coat

Hello again my cuties, it’s been a bit of a minute! Yes just a minute but I’m back at work now after all the festive activities. I hope you had a blessed and fun festive season. It was a very busy holiday and I had taken too many pictures to post on the blog but I soon realised that they may not be appropriate for a fashion blog so I will hide them as far away from here as possible.

On another note that’s focused on fashion. I’m wearing my little blanket above, I mean the cape coat that’s just perfection for fall. This is the one coat to dress up or down while keeping warm and remaining effortlessly stylish. On this article I decided to dress down my cape coat with these black patent leather dress shoes because I was going for an evening walk before dinner. These photos were taken after 8pm so you’ll have to excuse me a bit when it comes to the lighting but I think we still managed to get a clear shot of this look.

Let’s see what this year has in store for our style and fashion adventures. I’ve learned that creativity gets better with time so I’ll be playing with more ideas this year. Here is to breaking a lot of rules if there were any, doing what works for us individually and building more self confidence daily.

Cheers my cuties




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