I was thinking about what my mom has been preaching to me my whole life, “behave like a lady, eat like a lady, speak like lady, walk like a lady, treat others with respect and the list goes on and on’. So when I got this batch of photos I scrutinised them trying to select the ones that would go with this article. I wanted to combine photographs of what a lady is supposed to look like and some of the mistakes we make regularly.

So they say, being a lady is all in the way we carry ourselves. It’s not only based on the way we look but the way we speak, the way we sit, how we chew our food, THE POSTURE” how we walk, the way we dress and most importantly how combine all these details. I selected this outfit specifically because it does not restrict me as a woman on the move. You see being a lady does not mean you always have to be in a suit. You can simply mix your garments the way you like without looking like you are about to show up at meeting in the office. I do agree with covering up to leave the rest to the imagination and this is why I wore a black skirt that covers the important parts but still allows me to play around with a bit of sexiness.

On some of the photos I lifted the inner part of the skirt to show that it can become somewhat contradictory to the ladylike rules when too much is revealed. So to close it up, I have seen many people who still show their legs without being degraded to the lower standards of not being a lady and I have also seen people all covered up but failing to carry themselves well. So after all these years, it is all in the way we maintain our standards. Set standards for yourself that make you happy, continue to learn as it will take you far and yes, always keep it classy. It is the secret to having that flawless elegance. In this arena, I am willing to be a full-time student until I can master this scrutiny.



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