Work Looks……..

Could it be inappropriate to wear shorts at work or could it simply depend on the type of work you do?! I know it is unacceptable in the corporate industry. No one, no matter how hard they try can get away with this look. It always comes back to bite you in the buttocks later-this is my french for ass! If it’s not the dirty looks you get from your team and other departments not forgetting clients, it will definitely comeback later when you’re up for a promotion so my take on shorts regardless of the length keep them away from the office, even if you run the office keep them away even on the last day of the week. However, in fashion or the creative industry you can get away with any look as long as you make it look creative and stylish enough for anyone to think it could get featured in a magazine.

I once saw a model show up at law firm I used to work at to meet up with her lawyer in the skimpiest shorts and I must say I also became part of the gossip team for that day. It was first the rolling of the eyes and then the piercing looks on her thighs, what can I tell you? We all started to talk, well gossip to be precise of how disrespectful she was! I wish I could take that back but I also understand that there is a look for a certain place and showing up in shorts at an office full of people in suits does get the eyes rolling!

So after all the rules we all know I would say, certain looks, particular places and definitely certain times.



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