Sunday Best

I’m only posting these pictures today as a recap of a weekend look I featured on Intasgram. I decided to settle for a Sunday Look headline although the outfit can still work for a Saturday look. I prefer this look for brunch with the girls but I must emphasise that when I say brunch with the girls I don’t mean the typical Middle Eastern Friday brunch with the girls! Most girlfriends based in the Middle East will know what I mean by this. The Friday brunch in Dubai is more of a jeans or shorts with a t-shirt look because before the sun goes down, most girlfriends will be going down with the sun! In a very comical yet truthful way, most of us look forward to a Friday afternoon because this is when we let our hair down, whichever way we prefer but we do go down with the sun. It is the best time to link up with people in a casual way so unfortunately my current brunch look wouldn’t really work thus the Sunday look.

This look is more a South African look on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday after church. You’ll have to excuse the mid calf showing for the after church line but you get my drift. I can also picture this look for an early evening event, this is more ideal for an easy going event considering that the high heels are sparkly gold in colour with pink shiny details. This look can work for any type of woman, the coverup long skirt that exposes the leg a bit with the African print top that goes together with modern accessories holds no restrictions whatsoever.



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