The Classic White

It’s been ages since I wrote an article on the blog, I have simply been posting pictures without much editing or comments. I am afraid I may not live up to my expectations of writing a good or interesting post. I may even need some help while trying to come up with some creative writing but I am unfortunately sitting by myself at the moment so no help for me! It’s funny how easy it gets when you write daily and the minute you drift a bit it all goes away. I have heard this too many times where writers claim that they have been struggling to complete their work as a result of writer’s block!

So here is to writing regularly about the aesthetics in fashion and style. They say practice makes perfect and the love of what we do makes the job much easier. A combination of passion, dedication and the love of what we do makes us flourish.

Today’s shoot may appear to be simple and easy but being stuck in the Middle Eastern heat in Dubai while trying to get a good shot, getting a good angle and lighting while my makeup was melting off my face was not so easy. I was trying to work on a simple and easy Fall outfit for work but I must be honest and say that the lightweight blazer I had on was giving me heat exhaustion!

I had a combination of white pants, blazer and gold top with accessories. This outfit works perfectly for work and after-hours meetings.



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