Feeling Blue

Today’s look is made up of different shades of blue, not the blues in the night that rhyme with my favourite jazz songs that I sing along to in the mist of the night until I realise the sun is about to come up but the empowering blues in fashion. I guess with most of us who are based in Dubai we have somehow forgotten the difference between day and night therefore my days remain my days and my nights somehow become my days as I stay up throughout the night working, socialising or just having a mental fight with my thoughts in desperate need to snooze. I have realised that I do not know 9-5 anymore but the blues I understand. They hit in the mist of the night and during the day when the sky is as blue as the sea.

I combined different shades of blue on today’s look. a mixture of dodger blue with midnight and palatinate blue with a touch of silver accessories. The idea was blend fashion with nature on this article, so you see my blues are not so bad after all. It’s the blues that I choose, the happy blues, the empowering blues and not the mellow signs of loneliness blues I hear in my favourite jazz lyrics. I will have to mention that I love jazz and I truly understand the blues in jazz! I may sound contracting to myself but I do understand the blues, the blues that I choose.



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  1. simone says:

    Love this look


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