Lunchtime Fashion Talk and All Things Possible….


So….it’s been a while since I blogged but I have a few good reasons why, well I guess I do but I probably don’t. In order for me to stop mumbling I can only say I’ve been going a little crazy with work and school and more work and school…good enough? I guess not. This brings me to the point of this article, the things that the girls and I talk about over lunch. The fact that our lives are so busy and full of responsibilities to do with work,school,the creative side,lack of hobbies,the fact that we don’t watch TV anymore and we realise we old….! So to ease up on reality and its pecks we focus on the things we’re passionate about, the things that make us smile for no apparent reason, our love for shoes and all things elegant,the latest fashion trends. We have chuckles about how hideous some of our fashion choices made us look and how we are currently rocking the current trends. I suppose the current fashion trends always seem to work until you take a good look at yourself a few years later!

We talk about our careers from designing, acting, events management, travelling the world, working in finance and many other things we love. It’s funny how we always think the other ones lifestyles are much better or easier…! I’m sitting next to Kay who’s in the arts industry. She’s passionate about drama and she wouldn’t do anything else in the world and this is when I tend to be more envious that I could do only one thing. I guess it always makes more sense whenever I get a chance to see a good movie and realise the talent and passion that comes with art.

So we do lunchtime talk to catch up, to inspire one another, to share ideas and information, to have a girl talk, to gossip a little about things that don’t matter, to laugh with each other but mainly to eat delicious food. I just winked…!





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