Doves Anyone…..!

When I went shopping for my sister a week ago I didn’t realise that one of the dresses had dove prints as I was thinking I should just purchase garments she would actually wear and not what I would end up taking later. You see my sister’s sense of fashion is totally different from mine,she’s more of a lady so she always plays it safe. I only realised when I got home and started packing for the weekend to meet up with her that maybe this dress would be a little too much for her. As I’ve always been taking her clothes since I was a little girl thankfully for me I had an afternoon to spend with friends before my departure and I decided to try it out as I would probably not see my sister in this dress. Well needless to say I had to call her and explain that I had worn one of her dresses I still love the doves and the quality of the fabric feels so soft and yes I did give it to her…!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee says:

    Hey Maki! Looking hot lady! I’m sure she’s used to it, I’m the same leka diaparo take Palesa! I love the dress… pity you didn’t get to keep it Plus I dont wear above the knee dresses/skirts anymore otherwise I would have snatched it from you;)))))


    1. limasfw says:

      Hey Dee thanks for the comment. I guess I’m just forcing her to wear above the knee dresses as she has stopped xx


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