My Arm Candy…..Bold Statement

When Zea and I were working on these portraits we ended up talking about bloggers and instagram because I said I would have to write about her and the bag…this will be a topic for another day however the main point was that as bloggers we still have to write about the items we post yes there’s always a message in the picture but I still feel it’s necessary for me to say a thing or two to the fashion community. I was supposed to post these pictures a few days ago but I ended up putting myself under so much pressure that I ran out of words to say about this bag.

When I bought it I truly had a lot to say as it spoke to me as well. I have to mention that I only buy items especially accessories that speak to me. I always say to my friends that the bag or shoes were calling my name and begging me to take them home.

This cerulean baby screamed out my name and I fell in love immediately so I decided that this season this is the bag that would work twice as hard for me. The bold statement of this bag is mainly the colour and it will definitely work for day wear. I am also crazy about the feel of the skin as the quality screams out luxury. The gold detail of the bag says bring it on to a night out in the city. I have to mention that as a lady you can never have too many bags and this is a wardrobe staple.

Whenever I have a bold statement like this, it simply means I don’t have to work as hard on the rest of my outfit and I will definitely be showing off this one.

Many thanks to Zea…xx



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    look at me, i’m featured in a fashion blog by maki ( .tihihi 🙂


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