Reminiscing About Random Fashion….!

I was thinking about this picture today and how it came about. This was taken in Milan last winter and it came to life by chance. As I was busy shooting David the model in this photo, his partner was walking by the lake admiring the beautiful view and she decided to take our picture as we were busy at work and this is what I love about random snapshots where the other party has no idea that their portraits are being taken. They always come out with some unexpected creative feel. I would know as I make horrible posing pictures, I always end up rolling my eyes and doing the lip thing I dislike where it looks like I was trying to pout like a fashion model advertising a new rouge lipstick and my best friend always says ” Woman would stop pouting, your lips big already you’re making them worse” Then the photo ends up ugly and banished…! So for the sake of fashion I’ve made a habit of asking my buddies and colleagues to take my pictures when I least expect it like I do with theirs and it always works out perfectly.


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