The Print Debate…..My Fear!

After a non-ending negotiation with myself on whether I would look good in printed pants I have decided to go for printed shoes. Not to mention that it took me a year thinking and trying out different designed pants and always coming out of the fitting with a frown on my face that says this current print trend is not meant for me. I would like to mention that I dread going into malls and ending up in the fitting room as it always takes too much of time. Apart from the fact that I get to be too critical on how the garments are supposed to fit me, I get turned off mostly by the fact that the sales person always tries to convince me that I look perfect which most of the time isn’t true. After endless tries I then decided I would stay away from fitting rooms, I would just walk into a store and take the size that I know is supposed to fit me and everything would look good and match with a lot of items I have in my wardrobe.

However I had to make an exception when it came to printed pants as I couldn’t see myself swaying on the streets like a high street fashionista thus the yearly visits to boutiques and department stores in my search for the perfect fitted print pants. Needless to say there was no luck so I saw fit to rather wear printed shoes as they are accessories and I could always tone them down. Come to think about it I have a printed jacket that I purchased a year ago when prints were ruling and I haven’t worn it since, it’s funny it has been hanging on my rail and I have been overlooking as I am struggling to play it with anything. And yes I do wear printed dresses and skirts like a flower girl xx

After all is said the conclusion is, I will one of these days give printed pants a try and when that happens ladies and gents I will surely snap a few shots and scare you off. There goes my bravery, I am terrified of wearing printed pants after all the weird garments I have put on my body…..xx



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