What's in the Bag?…..My Essentials.


This morning when I left to run my errands I started wondering if i had too much in my handbag. These are essentials I need to carry with almost everyday so when I changed my handbag from the one I had yesterday I thought to myself that maybe I could minimise my load but then I again when I was busy shifting in the hope of leaving some behind I ended up putting all the products in this bag. So I wonder do I really need all these things? 

As you can see on this photo I have almost what every girl needs……well I think. I’ll start with the ones I can’t live without being my hand cream and vitamins. Well a girl needs a good perfume to stay fresh plus some mint, sunscreen, lip gloss and sunglasses in this heat. You see I’ve covered seven essentials already which means I’m not doing too bad. Then comes the wallet, yes it’s necessary since one of my friends prefers to fold her money in half and throw her bank cards in her bag which is always a disaster whenever she ends up at the till, she has to unroll her money and tries to get the coins and cards which are scattered all over the different sections of her bag. I don’t want to get into the drama about her house and car keys we’ll leave it for another day as she’ll surely kill me for this article.

My notebook is a must when a carry a day bag and a book to read as go around. I don’t really know if I need this but I’ve recently made a habit of taking a clear nail polish with me just incase I break a nail as this often happens. I’m the type that is always hands on which leads to me breaking nails when I’m over excited and task focused I forget I still have to take care of the manicure. You’ll be glad to know that my makeup bag has manicure clippers so I can always recover from the nail abuse. I almost forgot the facial tissues…xx

At last, we can’t seem to live without gadgets and in my case it’s the iPod because I love music dearly, let me not get into my love for music now. I need my mobiles being the one on this picture and the iPhone I used to take this photo with.

Well the hand clutch just happened to be in the bag so I can do without it.



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